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In a self-defense course, you learn techniques that are useful in threatening situations or assaults. On a course in self-defense, theory is interspersed with practical exercises. Here there are self-defense courses for women as well as intensive and weekend courses.


On our course in self-defense, you learn to deal with violence and threats in everyday life, school or the workplace. It is aimed at those who want to gain increased knowledge and security.


We offer group training, PT lessons, seminars and courses. Here, as a private individual, you can register for training in one of the club's training groups. It is also perfectly possible to register an interest in free trial training. Please note, however, that "trial training" does not automatically mean that you get a place in the current group. The number of places is limited and "first come, first served".


Our self-defense course for women has been arranged for over 10 years and together with other themed self-defense training courses. The course has been completed by women and girls of all ages and each round of the course is led by experienced educators with appropriate competence.

The group of instructors consists of professionally trained people in fighting forms and self-defense systems that are more focused on self-defense than martial arts. At the same time, most of the instructors have their own experience of violence through subject-related tactical occupations.


Self-defense for girls and women with techniques that can work against a physically bigger and stronger attacker. Great focus on using your full strength and performing the techniques with confidence and speed. No prior knowledge requirements. For private individuals, organizations and schools.

We are happy to come to your company, school or association and hold training for staff, students or members.​

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