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Train self-defense Gothenburg and learn Kickboxing, Self-defense & Kali Sikaran.

Intensive courses in self-defense are more general where you learn different themes in self-defense depending on interest and needs. It could be, for example, self-defense against a knife, rape, or bullying. When you want to practice self-defense in Gothenburg, you can register via the link at the bottom!


Kali Sikaran is a Filipino self-defense that is very functional and realistic. The unique thing about Kali Sikaran as self-defense is that you train principles that can be used in several different types of situations, which makes you as a practitioner very versatile.


Kali Sikaran is also known for its effective knife defense which is taught to tactical units around the world. Book a test training via the link below!


Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want to know more about how you can practice self-defense in Gothenburg.


Johan Skålberg