The system is divided into different blocks that train principles that complement each other. You can, for example, train a coordination pattern with 2 sticks that makes you faster and better in knife defense. At first it may seem strange, but the more you practice, the more it fits together and becomes one, you learn to act and react without simply thinking.


PANANTUKAN is Filipino boxing that, unlike western boxing, also uses elbows and techniques without gloves. Sweeps, grips and control of the opponent's arms are other hallmarks of this highly effective boxing style. In spring training we use Panantukan as warm-up, physical training and sparring, in self-defense Panantukan is also called "Dirty Boxing" because there are no rules unlike sport boxing.


KADENA DE MANO means "Chain hands" and are short and quick punches and elbow techniques used at close range. Here you train everything from ready-made punch combinations to advanced reaction drills. Kadena De Mano is a very realistic and effective self defense that is suitable for defense in a modern environment.


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STICK FIGHTING is practiced with one or two sticks. Training with a stick is an important key to unarmed fighting because you train coordination, movement, strength and reaction skills. Moments that are trained include punches, blocks, disarms, locks and throws. From training with sticks, you learn effective self-defense against armed and unarmed attackers. In the Philippines, sticks are replaced by machetes and other bladed weapons in traditional training.




SIKARAN is Filipino kick/Thai boxing. In Sikaran we connect the Panantukan with foot and leg kicks. Sikaran is characterized by mobility (zoning), and great variation in the execution of the kicks. The distance training to be able to vary between fast efficient kicks (e.g. with the tip of the shoe) and the heavier kicks (e.g. shin and knee) over a shorter distance is very important.




means knife. Knife defense is a known specialty within the Philippine species. Knife use is common in the Philippines and therefore a unique knife defense training has been developed which today is trained and taught to, among other things, the police and military around the world. Initially, Kali Sikaran members attend special knife defense courses before the knife defense training progresses to more advanced scheduled training.


Dumog is Kali Sikaran's Grappling System. It includes throws, takedowns, locks and finishes. It is important to have an understanding of grip and wrestling, but unlike, for example, MMA, Dumog is more focused on self-defense than competition with weight classes.

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