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Self-defense and self-defense training usually aim to be able to practically protect oneself in the event of a physical confrontation. But in a larger perspective, it can also be about verbal attacks and bullying, being able to stand up for who you are and what is right for you and your person.


Within different martial arts, martial arts geared toward self-defense differ from those geared toward competition or traditional arts. When a martial art focuses more on competition and sport, conditions are created that do not apply outside the competition arena. For example, an attacker is less likely to target an equivalent opponent of the same size, they will target those who appear to be easy or valuable victims (depending on what they are after).


Within the more self-defense-oriented martial arts, methods for threat assessment, tactical evaluation and de-escalation are therefore taught and more. If you are going to practice self-defense in Gothenburg, we recommend that you register with Kali Sikaran Gothenburg and book a course or private lesson to get started according to your conditions.


Common questions and considerations about self-defense Gothenburg:


Best martial art for self defense - Kali Sikaran where you learn situational self defense


Best self-defense for girls - Learning to compensate for differences in strength & size with e.g. everyday objects


Best self-defense course - Courses where you get to practice strategies for your conditions


Self Defense for Women - Best practiced in mixed groups as it is more common for women to need to defend themselves against men.